Sunday, February 19, 2012

Had cake, the couture kind?

Last week, we had a small birthday celebration with the team and I was in charged of the VIP - what else but the cake.  Because everyone was flocking to Secret Recipe on every birthday whim, I decided to go the other way.  Underground.  Online.  And I found Garden from Pastry Union 

If you're the kind who believe that the first feast is of sight, then welcome to cake couture ;) Chef Yin has got some other lovely ensemble which you can check out at the link below.  Garden (pic above) is a modern rendition of our childhood Blackforest - chocolate cream with cranberries.  I thought I made a boo boo, cause I ordered a 700g cake which turned out to be really small (5x5 inches) and there were 13 of us.  But you know what, turned out it was just nice because it was also an after dinner desert.  From my previous all of my past experiences, no one and I mean, absolutely no one finishes the birthday cake.  True to my personal goal of being less wasteful and more efficient (whenever I can), a 700g cake turned out to be the perfect order of the day ;)

Well, now don't just start drooling here, have a piece yourself

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