Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's in a purple bottle?

These are some of my favourite scents, with my favouritest of the favouritest of the all time favourite, Escada's Summer limited edition called Moon Sparkle (nope, spark no coincidence there!) which is out of production.  Forever :(

So... did they piqued your curiosity?  Because they sure did mine.  Something that really intrigued me was... purple is not my favourite colour yet for some strange reason I'm attracted to scents in purple bottles.  Isn't that queer?  It's probably pure coincidence cause there may be more purple bottled perfume out there that didn't take my fancy.  And what's even stranger is, I have none of the above except for Escada Moon Sparkle which I tried my best to stock up when it was launched couple of years back which eventually, ran out. I wonder if the ingredients (which gave that wonderful and attractive bouquet of notes) determined the colour of the bottle?  Is that how designers do it?  Hmm.

And the strangest thing, is my current set of perfume... are all in pink.  Yeap.  All.

Does colour to a certain extent influence our olfactory choice without us knowing?

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