Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I found really funny last week?

1) Was driving to work and the DJs from a particular radio station was doing a 'fix it' segment.  The basic idea is, if you have a problem, call in and the DJs will help you to sort it out.  What I found really funny was, an undergrad called and complained that her lecturer was bias.  He grades boys better even though sometimes she feels that she fares better.  The lecturer when confronted by the DJs denied the accusation (naturally, when you're on national radio).  He explained that the girl was not attending classes to which the girl denied and sounded kinda hurt - this shows that the lecturer have not been paying attention to her at all.  Okay, well... point taken.  And then the debate on the quality of her assignments which resulted in low marks ensued.  The punchline was?  The girl asked: Who are you guys (DJs inclusive) to judge my work and say that it's not good enough?  *cue crickets* YUP.  Well, the DJs explained... first of all, he IS her lecturer and was hired as a qualified professional to do his job which is essentially to teach and evaluate students' work.  Ahem.  DJs 1, Lecturer 1, Girl 0.  I mean... seriously?  I'm all for challenging authority (when there's a reason to!) and this one simply escapes me.  If you want better marks, then work harder, produce better work quality!  No?

2) When people upload double meaning posts online, it usually turns sour.

3) Was driving back home and a DJ from a particular radio station was doing a 'hook up' segment.  No, I'm not joking.  I'm serious.  So, the idea is you call in if you're too shy to tell someone what you feel inside and let the DJ do the dirt job for you.  Question: Usually we don't want to tell someone how we feel about them because we're afraid of reaction and rejection, right?  So.  Asking someone else to do it will not change the situation of a) the person now knows how you feel, b) the person doesn't feel the same way subsequently c) rejects you which d) changes how you would face each other from then on.  No matter who is the 'asker', the fear of such sequence is the same and if it really happens, the outcome is the same.  So if the outcome is gonna be the same, then why not do it yourself?  Hmm.  Peculiar.

4) When you put up a lot of papers on the wall all around your room, it will immediately feel smaller than its original size.  And it feels... weird to be inside.  Can't wait for the project to be over so that I can take them all down.

5) No matter how tough a guy looks, when you say the right words, you can make him cry.

6) There's always a reason why senior management makes certain decisions.  Only people who don't bother finding out why will jump into their silly conclusions and make a fool out of themselves later.

7) Someone whom I just met saw something I own that's cool and she exclaimed, "Holler!".  I always watch that on YouTube and American TV shows but finally heard it in real life.  Best part is, I don't really know what that means.  Heh~

8) When shit happens, they come in three.  Good thing they only come in three! And they too shall pass :D

9)  Laura Fygi :)

10) You can actually set your thinking in auto-mode so that it processes data and information faster and clearer O.O

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