Sunday, February 26, 2012

How do you say hello to a Lumix GX1?

You take pretty pictures of it.  With your other camera. In my case, it was a Nexus S phone (that brings a thought to my mind, what if Google has a camera...) ...

Goodbye bul-gly professional cameras and hello GX1! I've not really gone into the specs, though I doubt it can deliver performance as high as your Canons and Nikons of DSLRs.  But I would think it's more than enough for the everyday professional-wannabe like you and I (okay maybe just I, sorry prof!).

Overall body is compact, reminds me of the really old skool manual cameras.  I used one when I was in high school but never really liked it because it was just too freakin' cumbersome!  So, smart, smooth, slick design are of course very much welcome.

I've started exploring it a little and will be sharing a lot more photos from now on.  Hopefully they are better than my Nexus S :S

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