Sunday, February 19, 2012

How do you say goodbye?

Today was the funeral of Whitney Houston and CNN had it covered live.  Didn't manage to catch it but thanks to YouTube, I've watched probably the most important bits.  When Kevin Costner spoke, when R Kelly sang, when boyfriend Ray J broke down as the casket was carried away.  It was truly an emotional experience.

So many of our great stars left us - MJ, Winehouse and now Whitney.  At least we know, the house of God is rocking with good music :)

Every time we are caught by such news, we kinda question ourselves a bit, don't we?  About the value of life.  The meaning of fame.  The meaning of work that we hope, will one day rise us to fame - in at least our very own context.  When we leave, will people remember us?  What will people remember us by anyway?  Honestly, what legacy would you have left behind if your time was up?

Maybe if we sit down and think about these questions for a bit, it'll help us prioritize a little, sober us up a little.  For us to kinda figure whether what's worthy and what's not.

And then it hit me.  Do everything from your heart or do not.

It sounds simple but so hard to do.  To be very honest with you.  It's not easy to be that.  It sounds right, it should be right.  Well, for one, when you do things from your heart - you're essentially opening it up to all things good and all things bad.  Do whatever - from work to telling someone how you feel - you face both the possibility of success and rejection.  And... life, as I'm sure you already know, is not as kind as we would like it to be.  It's the same theory as 'being nice and be a doormat' - people who are nice feel they are being taken advantaged of.  Likewise, when you do things from the heart - however sincere and pure your intentions, it may suffer when not reciprocated.  While growing up, I realized that not everyone practices that and things could get tricky from that.  Well, it's definitely a risk but it's up to you to take it.  At least, you know you lived with meaning.

Here's to you who need a little strength for anything. I wish I could reach out to protect you.  Just know that you're not alone :)

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