Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 4 major groups in any business organisation.

An interesting observation: There are 4 general groups of people in any business organization. On one end, you have a number of high flyers who are highly focused and dedicated to challenge every layer, break through every wall to realize their full potential, determined to take flight no matter what it takes. Even if that means 'to hell with ya' - highly volatile and difficult to control but probably the highest return on investment the company can make. They keep management on their toes and it's really a love-hate relationship.

 And then you have on the other extreme end, a bunch of 'orthodox' workers who are extremely routine, walk in a line and tend to shy away from change. They are generally contented with where they are, what they have and their slow progress. (Progress is change remember? And they don't like that so they are happiest in status quo). Not very high investment but return is low risk and well... generally return is low. But they are stable and they make management happy because they wouldn't even bother ruffling a hair, let alone setting up a union. They don't like change, remember?

In the middle comes the meat. Two parts and split in equal population size, you find a group who are called 'active competitors', not necessarily consistent deliverers of results but are highly motivated to compete and are hungry to be ahead of their peers. Method of game is style. It's not that they don't deliver, but because they have a tendency to always show that they are in the know, they get into gab trouble when they are not in the know. Sharp shooters will slice them apart but less critical audience may find them entertaining. Luck shines on them because they are creative go-getters.

And then there's the last group known as the 'shy doers' who are excellent deliverers but lack the showman finesse that would otherwise clearly position them as key drivers in the team. Their contribution is crucial yet they are always withdrawn to adhering norms within their social circles. Ridiculous as it sounds, rejecting or delaying compliments and promotions seem more like 'the right thing to do' than accepting it with grace for fear of being ejected into space alone. They are highly appreciated because of the substance they provide but also easily missed by management.

 Which one are you? Are there more groups than what I've observed? Do share.

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