Friday, November 25, 2011

We won a pitch.

We were recently invited to... defend one of our sub-accounts (I suppose it's strange to call it a pitch because then it would sound like it wasn't rightfully ours in the first place), nevertheless we've got official news today that we've won and will be working with our clients for the next coming year.  Nice one team!

+ Jacq, Cindy, Raof, Hide-san, Motoki-san, KW, Yap, Charel, Franz

p/s: Hope I didn't miss anyone else.  But if I did, my sincere apologies and I allow you one punch.  My happiness will absorb all pain ;)

What can I say, but thank you to The Power of Dreams.

About this project:
Dentsu Utama is in charge of overall brand strategy, content planning and producing for Honda's owner magazine since 2006.  

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