Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One of the greatest story teller ever, Malcolm Gladwell.

Last two years, I got news that MPH was bringing Gladwell in for one of their talks.  I immediately got my ticket - I didn't care how much it was, where it was, when it was because Gladwell is someone that I definitely would never want to miss.  In case his name doesn't ring the bell loud enough, he is the author of the acclaimed social science book called the 'Tipping Point'.  Which subsequently, coined a term that everyone uses to describe the exact point where a niche trend tips and spreads to the mass.  He has many other similar books which I've never missed because all of them insightful, all of them thoroughly-researched, all of them exceptionally well-told.  He was my literary hero.  Not just the engaging way he writes but his perspective of things which engages his audience's thought process as well.  Unfortunately, MPH cancelled the talk and refunded me my ticket.  I was greatly disappointed but thank God for TedTalks, he is still accessible in a way :)

Here is his latest amazing oratory, again questioning what we always thought was norm and right.  Why do we always think the norm is always right anyway?

Remember remember.  It's not what we use.  It's how we use.  And to begin with, if there was a need in the first place.  This isn't a new theory, we've always known the adage of 'it's not what we say, it's how we say it that makes a difference', yet we have allowed this simple idea to slip from our careless minds when we want to 'win'.  The objective wasn't about winning.  The objective was problem solving, although the former is sometimes intentionally masqueraded as the latter.  Because it is our objective that will motivate our intention which then determines the method.  Really, think about it.

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