Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Audi at TMS 2011.

As always, Audi's booth is the unmistakable gigantic white arch with its 4 silver circles in line.  I was excited to see Audi's line up because I remember back in 2007, during my first trip to the Tokyo Motorshow, they unveiled the 'Metropolitan Project' concept car which is known as the A1 today.  And I remembered the video they showed introducing it - it was pretty impressive and got stuck to me since.  So you have to understand I've got high expectations this time round as well.

In terms of the overall presentation, I thought it was a let down.  They had some really good dancing female footballers all right (yup, who could do tricks I know many guys can't), but... in an autoshow?  C'mon...  Also, they unveiled the 'Samurai Blue' which is basically a car for the Japanese football team (with two Japanese world champion female footballers who did the unveiling).  Do you get me now?  Like seriously?  -_-"  And then they unveiled the A1 1.4 TSI sportback which to me... was a let down.  I mean it's Audi.  While the world splits to go high on electricity or high performance on both fun driving and environment, Audi presented an... A1 Sportback.  Hmmm...

But the saving grace is the line-up of its famed S series.  Their equivalent luxury performance range which was sexy and sweet and all things nice :)~  Pictures below.

First up the S5.

And then the S7.

And then the A1.

Look ma!  No legs!

And the premier of the A1 sportback in... yellow bronze?  With the Samurai Blue behind (which I didn't bother).

And of course, the R8 GT behind the S5.

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