Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tokyo Motorshow 2011 - Honda Press Launch.

I must have been mistakenly born as a girl.  The minute I set foot into the hall, seriously seriously seriously, I forget what bugs me.  I forget everything that bugs me.  Heck, I forget everything!  So I'm gonna take some time to post up the goodies and the sexies from TMS 2011, please bear with me for all-car talk for the next few days.

First up.  Honda (of course, where else would I be first right?).

This year, you can tell Honda is coming back albeit a tough year it has gone through with Japan's earthquake and the Thai flood.  Although its corporate direction maintains towards eco technology (hybrid, fuel cell, EV) but it has not forgotten its 'challenging spirit' roots.  And you can tell from its concept showcase today including the world premier of the EV open-top small sports, the EV-STER, that Honda had maintain its sports DNA albeit recognising the need to change how we manufacture and use mobility products for both the environment and future sake.  Today, Honda showcased 7 next generation Electromotive concept models.

This is the AC-X, a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle which offers a more comfortable and enjoyable time in the vehicle during all driving situations, from urban to long-distance driving. With the choices of an "engine drive mode" for more aggressive driving or an "automatic drive mode" for more relaxed driving, the vehicle broadens the joy of mobility.

And of course the much anticipated small sports EV-STER - an all-rounder performer in an exhilarating drive and environmental performance that literally takes your breath away (if you thought the CR-Z was cool enough...).

And then the world premier of N-concepts which N stands for New Next Nippon Norimono (the new next-generation of Japanese mobility).  They may look weird and boxy to you but they're hell popular in Japan's Kei car market.  Considering Japan's socio-economics, population trend and the fact that Japanese (after what they have gone through) are a hell lot more conscious about ecology, a lot of automotive manufacturers have to ensure they continuously produce products that can stay relevant with the needs of the time.  So it isn't just Honda that will be driving this change.  We see other Japanese makes ensuring their products are energy-efficient, possible zero-emission and compact in size.

There's also the Fit EV which will be on sale next year.  It has two plug-ins on both frontal side of the car.  Exterior wise, looks like good old familiar Jazz, now with a striking blue colour.

Interior sports a premium-feel sort of light grey fabric and finishing.  The information display wasn't lit up, so I couldn't tell how cool the meters are.  But you can see from here, it's simple and straightforward.

This is definitely interesting for me because under the hood, there isn't an i-VTEC engine.  Instead, it has a 92-kWh electric motor built-in with a lithium-ion battery pack that can take you up to 198km per charge of 240V outlet for about 3 hours.

And of course, completing the hybrid family, how can we not have Freed.  Design is similar with a bit of exterior modification.  But true to its hybrid DNA, it has a different multi-information display compared to the current Freed we have.


Last but not least, how can ASIMO not appear at Honda's booth in Tokyo Motorshow 2011.  As usual, he's an endearment to all :) He is now more dexterous and can utilize his fingers to open bottle caps to pour a drink.  This is a notable improved precision in Honda robotic technology.  Anyway, cute as ever :)

Will be spending some more time in Tokyo this week, so more information to come ;) 

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