Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best TAC advert. EVER.

I remember when I was a final year student in RMIT, our class had the opportunity to visit Grey Melbourne.  We were seated in their swanky boardroom, complete with refreshments and a huge bowl of Lay's and the Creative Director shared some of Grey's best ad campaigns.  One of the most memorable adverts for me was the ones produced for TAC (Transport Accident Commission).  The films were realistic and poignantly captured to show real life drunk driving situations and the unimaginable consequences that follow.  I remember taking an extra 'Right-Left-Right' look when crossing the road on my way home that night.  And I also fell in love with the song 'Everybody Hurts' by REM which so poignantly tells the story and touches the heart.

Fast forward today, TAC compiled some of its best TVCs and made it into a 5 minute commercial (YouTube viewership to-date, 13 million and counting).  And this is really the best advert I've seen from the series.  It really makes you think twice about drinking and driving - shows you everything that you don't see unless an accident happens.  And then it's really too late for any remorse.

Warning: Contain disturbing images.

You know, I wish the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia will be a little bit more consistent in its strategy and effectiveness tracking.  I wish they would just stop all this 'kickback' nonsense (IF it's happening, ahem), and really do something for the people.  Even public service announcements such as this can help rebrand the government.  Awhile back, I read from The Star that the Ministry of Transport will join hands with the Ministry of Health to get new drivers to sign up for organ donation upon receiving their license.  Seriously, are you that grim that you're prepared to have these people will die young on the road already?  That really tells you something about this government's value.  Sigh*

Seriously seriously, I sometimes wish I could do something about this.  Beyond a vote.