Friday, November 4, 2011

2012 is really gonna be Armageddon if we don't take care of our oceans now!

We're ready for 2012.  We will be focusing on the seas.

You know we have an extremely irritable habit right?  Whatever us urban folks don't sight, don't mind.  But it's high time we do because if the ocean which covers 71% of the Earth, is screwed, we're screwed.  And you know what?  The 'end-of-the-world' story that everyone has been whimpering about?  It will happen and we don't need no Nostradamus-kind to tell us that.

Let's take a look at who's driving some campaigns.

We have Greenpeace advocating against illegal fishing:

We have Nat Geo talking about Giant Jellyfish and Squids taking over the world.

We have Omega launching its Seamaster Planet Ocean to equip our marine warriors to fight evil in the depth of the seas:

And we have WWF advocating the protection and conservation of the Coral Triangle (which spans across 6 countries and is famously known as 'The Cradle of the Seas') - a womb, where most marine life stems from.

We don't need to be divers to know that we should stay away from shark's fin and turtle poaching.  And more importantly, we don't need an Armageddon prediction to tell us we need to sweep our backyard (in this case, the ocean) so that we don't overfish and tip the marine ecosystem off-scale.  We can do something.

1) Support a cause - the easiest, buy a plot of Coral Triangle and take care of it as though it's your own
2) DO NOT CONSUME endangered species!!  Shark's fin?  Turtle soup?  DROP THAT SPOON NOW!  Or... or... I'll BITE you.
3) Try to purchase fishes from your local market and whenever possible, eat ONLY sustainable seafood (there are some companies who fish by bombing and trawling the seabed which either kills or combs everything in the sea!).  We need to give baby seafood sufficient time to grow and reproduce if we want anymore of them on our dinner table :P
4) Spread the news, influence your family and friends - every bit of word helps.

This isn't rocket science and we definitely shouldn't be living in ignorance.  You remember Nemo?  Well, he needs us now.  Try explaining it to your kid what you did to Nemo and his family species/cousins/distant relatives and all and see if you can still sleep at night.

Jokes aside.  I don't know how else to share with you the extremely dire condition our ocean is in.  As a stakeholder, all I'm asking is... if you're not gonna help... at least don't be in the way :)

Listen to this and rise to the occasion:

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