Monday, March 19, 2012

What happens when a Victorinox Original arrives at your front door?

It's arrived.  Got my new watch :) I'm gonna be NATO navy!  I decided to go green besides I really do think the khaki green exudes the most personality.  I got second opinions, a lot of my friends feel I should have gotten the beige or grey because they are more 'ladylike'.  I'd love to be a lady, but... despite what logic tells you, the heart has an uncanny way to defy it ;)

So anyway, back to the little black box.  I took some photos to introduce you to the new Victorinox Originals.  I like the idea that, while it exudes masculinity, there are a lot of tiny details that are purposefully designed to give a sense of quiet elegance.  For example, the unmistakable cross-shield badge engraved on the dial and the metal piece on the strap.  I'll be on time from now on :)

It goes with most of my outfits.  Well, um.  Almost ;)

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