Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's in Japanese oral technology?

Yup.  How can you possibly design a toothbrush to perform more than a toothbrush?  Can you make a toothbrush work harder?  Work a toothpaste job perhaps?  Well, trust the Japanese, they can just did.

How?  This Little Black Brush contains functional ceramics, hydroxylapatite and natural mineral.  So that you can brush with just water without toothpaste.  Erm, okay.  Honestly?  I'm not sure if I can get used to that.  I guess it can come really handy if you need a quick brush throughout the day.  Or hey if you're stuck in some camp out in some mountain in the outback.  Otherwise, bring some toothpaste will ya?

Its bristles contain functional ceramics that helps blood circulation, hydroxylapatite that helps whiten teeth and natural mineral (that also produces -ions) that helps kill bad breath. Whoa~!  Beat that Colgate, Darlie, Oral B!

Brilliant and keep em' healthy pearly .

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