Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What happens when we all come together?

We've seen people do it for Egypt, for Haiti, for Japan tsunami.  We've seen how people can do good out of social media and we will see how it can be done to bring an international war criminal to justice, even though we may have never heard of Uganda.  Because when people come together, there is power.  This is one campaign that... shouldn't even be called a campaign.  The word campaign seems such a small narrow idea that simply cannot hold the greatness of such cause.  It's a social movement.  A movement that aims to bring a tsunami of hope that would change the world.  God, we have hope.

So let us pledge yours and my support and stop Kony's hideous war crime and let live the children that he has abducted and held captive.  If you really think about it, seriously, we can do anything.  But the most important thing is, we chose to do good.


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