Monday, March 12, 2012

What happens when you are indecisive about time?

You ask for help from your fellow online friends.  That's what you do :)

I'm truly attracted to the Victorinox new Originals.  And here's my reason why.  It's freshly updated with very contemporary aesthetics, yet instantly recognizable as the authentic descendent of the line. Classic contemporary; nylon fiber middle round case, three hands, and date window offset at 4 o’clock. The dial, it seems has been completely reworked, re-injected with modernity and subtly graced with design codes. Now enclosed in a solid bezel in circular-brushed aluminium, the dial shows military time in a central circle on the vertically brushed dial face. The oversized indexes and markers are stencil-cut and inset into the top plate, revealing the second plate below. The Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock are middle-barred, giving a distinctive character and personality. There are four colour schemes: navy green, commando black, desert beige or khaki green, all purely monochromatic while exudes a certain edge. Finally the NATO style straps (coincidentally someone called me NATO last night! :PP), like those worn by the British Army in the 1930s add a touch of masculinity mixed with nostalgia.

Now, the problem.  Which colour?

Personally, I'm liking the navy green.  If you compare all of the faces, you'd realize that only the navy green will give an almost full-face night illumination.  That's true functional aesthetics to me.

So which is it?

View the following video for more detailed information :)


  1. Nice! How many rubles was the watch? And any chance there's a bigger face?

    - Amir

  2. It's retailing at RM1099 :) And that's the standard size face for this range. Not sure about its other line-up though.