Sunday, March 25, 2012

What makes wild active honey so extraordinary?

I think the order word of the day is non-processed.  Wild honey is harvested from the rainforest that is 100% unprocessed with no artificial sweetening, colouring and preservative (which most of the honey that you are consuming right now are probably processed with some kind of additives).  It goes straight from the hive to the jar.  If it goes through processing, heating will destroy most of the health benefits that are supposedly found in honey.  If you wanna know whether it's processed, raw honey is thick and opaque, almost solid at room temperature, whereas processed honey is more fluid and usually has a transparent amber colour.

Almost everyone knows that honey is good for you, but what remains a mystery is 'how good'.  I mean at the end of the day, this isn't some immortality food nor steroid which you can expect to see an immediate difference.  Honey like all supplements (and fruits, and vegetables, and all things good for you) take time to be absorbed into your system before you can fully feel the results.  Besides, you should realize by now that processed honey (that has gone through heating) loses numerous benefits that its original state should have.  So if you've not been seeing the difference, maybe you're consuming the wrong kind of honey!

Through recommendation, I've been consuming Yummi House's wild active honey for slightly more than a month now.  This daily night ritual of drinking a glass of warm honey, trust me, is the most (or one of the most) disciplined routine I've ever taken.  Partly cause it's really yummy.  And partly cause I was curious whether the product truly serves its claim.  So, now that a month is over with a bout of flu in between (you do know that drinking honey doesn't make you invincible right?), I realized a couple of things:

1) I do in fact, sleep better.  This is truly so.
2) The one that I'm taking is apparently harvested from a tree that's er... called 'Anchovy Pear'.  I'm not sure if the name is priming me, but I seriously do taste a slight 'pear' hint in my drink.
3) I don't really like the pungent smell or taste of honey (although I do still eat it sometimes) but Yummi House's raw honey is really something else.  It's not your 'sugary' sweet sort of taste.  I've indulged a scoop on its own and it's... yummy.  Sweet and bit sour, like candy except it's good for you :)
4) My digestive system is better.  No kidding, you can ask my colleagues.  They were shocked at how much I chowed down recently.  But then again it could have been stress :P A better input-output system, makes a healthier me ^^ um, not sure if my complexion is better but I guess yea, it seems all right ;)
5) It's supposed to help as a stress-reliever... mmm... I can't really tell because the duress that I went through the last few weeks... was beyond any cure by any foods.  But then again, it helped me to sleep better so I'm guessing it kinda works.
6) I had a cold last week and I started taking two glasses a day, in the morning and night.  I did not take any extra medication - not even off-the-counter Vit Cs.  Except for loads of fresh orange juice.  Surprisingly, other than the major discomfort on the first few days of falling sick, the recovery was faster than usual.

So there.  If you ask me if this is worth trying, well... like I said, I don't think there's anything in this world that can claim to work magic if you don't try to eat, sleep and exercise well.  But if you've done all those (or at least to the best you can), I think this supplement will definitely help boost your immune system and add some delicious goodness to your current lifestyle :)

There are various types of honey available, suitable for different family members.  I mean seriously, you and I know that there's no one size that fits all right?  My parents are taking Mahogany which is supposed to be an energy booster for them.  Other variants are suitable for boosting up your immune system, boosting up your er, masculine system, boosting up your pregnancy power, boosting down your PMS syndrome, and all sorts.  Go ask within.

True to its form of wild honey, texture is solid and not watery.  It doesn't attract ants because there's no additional sweetener, and hence good for even diabetic patients :) 

In order to avoid oxidization, the honey is packed sealed in glass jars and you're to use a wooden spoon (instead of a metal one) to scoop the honey. 

It's tempting to take a bite at this point.  But no, don't be shtoopid :P

 Melt honey in warm water (about 70 degrees), never in boiling water or over the recommended temperature.  Remember our lesson in 'heating'?  What does 'heating' do to honey?  Yes, it kills off the good stuff, leaving you with just honey-flavoured water :)

Because of it's semi-solid original state, you just need to give it a good few stabs and be patient during the melting process.

Of which after that, what you get is a dlish golden clear liquid (normally processed honey will give you a murky, yellow instead of golden, sort of colour).  You can drink it warm or you can ice it or you can put a slice of lemon in it, whichever that makes you happiest :)

Ah but of course, alas I'm not as disciplined as you thought I was.  I pre-mixed a jar and kept it in the fridge, so that all I have to do is pour it out and mix it with water and it's ready to drink :)


So if you're a consumer of honey, I suggest you go check if your product is processed.  If it is, tough luck.  Time to chuck it and go check out the real deal at Yummi House in SS2, PJ for some serious honey enlightenment.  Hope this helps! :)

Yummi House
Add: 70, Jalan SS 2/75, 47300
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  1. Hi sparks,

    First of all I think u look like a girl.

    And secondly I like your review about yummi honey because I feel that there is sincerity in your comment. I too sampled yummi honey and was surprised by it's consistency and different flavor.

    Since you have done research about honey, I would like to invite you to visit and be so kind to tell me what is your impression of it.


  2. Hi Nirwana,

    First of all, it's a long story. And secondly, thanks for your kind comment and yes, I've been taking the yummi honey for quite sometime now :)

    And thirdly, I've also liked your FB page and my first impression was... good stuff :) So you're a home entrepreneur? I appreciate your thinking of creating a product line with earth and sustainability in mind and I certainly do hope there will be more people 'enlightened' by your vision of making a business, socially responsible. Like I said, good stuff and keep shining :)



  4. I can't seem to load the link you posted. Can you check the URL?

  5. Hi,
    I know I shouldn't be commenting on such a dated post but I really hope to let people who read your post to know more about this so called 100% unprocessed honey.

    Firstly, the link posted above works fine and I could load it with no trouble. Basically the post is about lab tests done on yummi house honey and results pointing that it fails to meet international standards of pure honey.

    Secondly, I have tried some of their honey as well (my mother being a victim of their really good sales pitch).
    I only had a small spoon of it mixed with water, next day I developed a sore throat. At first I thought it was something else that caused my sore throat, so I tried the honey again when my sore throat went down. Again, I got a bad sore throat the following day.

    Thirdly, you probably should know that yummi house was reported in the papers due to complains from consumers, and they were fined by AVA for misleading consumers with their claims. Which means that all their claims of better health and everything is not necessarily true.

    I recently listened to their sales pitch for their new product-- bird's nest. I must admit, they are very good salesmen. They make their product sound like the best in the world and worth every penny of it's exorbidant price. However, when you consider established brands with over 30 years of history also selling bird's nest, on what grounds does yummi honey have to say that their product is superior to all others?

    They claim that they harvest from sea swallows, hence the nests are exposed to all the good of nature. I went to google their so called sea swallow, or 海燕 in chinese, the animal that came out was nothing close to a swallow.

    I have seen many elderly aged people buying bulks of honey from them, mainly because of their memberships and discount requirements, eg. you buy more than a certain amount you get 20% off and lifetime silver class member. I understand that the elderly will never google online for information but I hope that by word of mouth, less people would fall into the trap.

    I'm sorry for such a long comment.

  6. Yummi house brags about their aged honey why is that? Is yummi house honey like ginseng need to keep many years? The freshness of honey is gone and all goodness turns hardened as they claim.. the other day they told me from south africa honey from a fruit tree.. sorry just dont believe in solid honey that needs to scrape of a jar.. real honey should be liquid form and thin.. just like you watch a documentary from national geographic..

  7. this is not pure honey...pls awake n stop it now.even the bottle label didnt mention it was pure honey.