Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What happens when you lose?

March was a krazy month.  With a capital K.

Amidst our campaign launches, pitches here and there, small and big, we got two wins and two losts.  I remember someone telling me that we're always SO focused on our shortcoming that sometimes we forget to celebrate the other great stuff that has happened.

But sometimes when we're too focused in that elated feeling, we become over-confident and arrogant.  And I think that is what caused us the lost.  These were very difficult pills to swallow.  Because you know exactly why you lost.

Sheer arrogance.

Kills opportunities.

Or was it exhaustion?

My ex-boss used to tell me to stop being so competitive.  But I have a whole different contention to that.  It's not that I'm competitive (okay, maybe a little bit) but you really wanna give your best to every project.  If it's not 100%, it's not a 100%.  It's okay if you're ready to bite the bullet and chew on the results if you're well aware from the beginning, you're not gonna give a perfect ten.  But it's something else when you perceived yourself for having done that and yet in retrospect, you realized it was just over-confidence masquerading as know-how.  The frustrating thing is I know this.  We've had a similar experience with a long-time client.  The day we lost, the feeling... sucked.  Again, because we know why we lost.  Since, we've vowed to always carry humility to this particular client and so far, so good.  So this is not a new lesson.  It's a forgotten lesson but it's one, once again, well-learned, well-deserved.

I'm deeply humbled.

And I owe an apology to my client.

For losing on such irrelevant ground.

We'll be better next time round.  That's our professional commitment.

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