Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advertising: BBH's interactive poster.

The poster site features a film, shot by Frank Budgen, of a distressed-looking girl sitting alone in the corner of a room. At the bottom of the image is a traditional-looking collection tin that passers-by can place money into. When a coin is placed in the tin, the girl looks directly out of the frame at the person contributing and gives them a half-smile (as shown in the image below). - Original post in Creative Review.

Imagine if the poster featured a sad little child who's disheveled and visibly uncared for. And as donors donate more, the film shows the transformation of the child to becoming happier as her wellbeing and surrounding gets better. And commuters who go to the particular stop can see the transformation every single day because of their donation. That would be cool.

I think a lot of times, the barrier of donation comes from not knowing what happens to the money. And the distressed thinking of feeling small doubting if a few loose change can really make a difference. The above will challenge that. Because we can see that it can and that's really impactful.

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  1. how much would this cost barnardos?