Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advertising: Mother says Giving is Glorious.

Mother has done it again. Challenged the norm, go the other way. What was thought a spam mail soliciting bank details so that the sender can give away USD10,000 was in fact for real. And the very people who wrote that mail is applauded agency, Mother London. Watch the video and watch your heart grow warm.

But one question though. While challenging the perceived norm does its job in gaining attention, but what if people no longer have qualms about giving away their details because of this incident? While we may like to think of the smarter side of human beings, sometimes there are those who respond. In this case, one.

Nevertheless, it's a really great way for Mother to come back and strum the chords of disruption against W+K's advent calendar ;) Yes, giving is glorious.

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