Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Social media: I wrote this for you too.

Once upon a time, there was this blogger who in the midst of searching for something that's missing, found himself in this person called... You. Every day, he wrote the most moving and poignant proses to You. And in time, these meaningful words travelled all over the internet, landing on thousands of screens, touching people's lives without himself knowing it. And people responded to him because deep inside each and everyone of us, there's a lonely being longing to reach out to someone else. To be appreciated, felt and spoken to in such loving words that even for just a few minutes a day was enough.

That was the revolution of I wrote this for you. The blog found its niche, the deep quiet truth about the fundamental need of one human to be connected to another emotionally that it didn't matter who the writer is and who is... You. Because every single post was directed to You. You, the reader.

Of late, this blogger is feeling exhausted from the overwhelming response that had been snowballing since day one and is contemplating to stop the project. In response to his words, I'm inspired to share mine:

Maybe the entire universe is conspiring to bring me all the wrong people so that I can make all the mistakes I need to make.

So that I learn and be a better person.

So that when I finally meet You, I am the right person.

Because You are too perfect for me to be making anymore mistakes.

To the blogger behind 'I wrote this for you'. I hope you feel better and continue to inspire rest of the world to be a more loving, more passionate person as well as a more poetic writer.

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