Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Social media: Toyota and Saatchis' recipe for disaster.

No this is not a sabotage post. Sorry, I don't do that sort of things. It's just really interesting to see what Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi Australia had cooked up for their recent Yaris campaign. And oh boy, did it land them in hot soup! (no pun intended!)

And to further understand why it didn't work. Honestly, what Mumbrella's writer said was true. It was such a tired idea. And then I realised that, most of the stuff we're producing from this side of the tired world is a tired idea too! Hmm. But RULE above all rules - never lie to an online social community. EVER.

Watch this then read on:

(crickets chirping as everyone in Toyota's boardroom looked uncomfortably at everyone else. uh oh, someone's head is gonna roll...)

*** start of article ***

Toyota’s now disastrous foray into social media offers a demonstration of what skills an agency needs to play in that space.

It’s now obvious that PR expertise is not an optional extra that ad agencies having a bit of a dabble in social media can do without. Although advertising has always had the potential to be controversial, for social media that possibility grows exponentially and that risk needs to be controlled.

And as Saatchi & Saatchi has demonstrated, it now goes without saying that you actually need to understand social media before you start. You can’t start learning on the client’s time.
For Toyota, I still think that running a live social media pitch with the five competing campaigns was a good thing. Even without this week’s events, it will have learned a lot. And by doing it in the public arena, the entire marketing industry got to learn too.

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