Thursday, December 17, 2009

So this is it. But it's not Christmas.

Today's the BIG day. No, yesterday was the BIG day. Well, today is another BIG day then.

After weeks of preparation, investment on studies, happy days, not-so-happy days, we've finally come to the finale of the year. The Pitch.

I feel positive but I cannot deny the butterflies that are circulating around my blood stream. I just wanna get over this and have my Haagen Dazs. For better or worse. For good result or otherwise. I trust the client to make the best judgement.

Keep fingers cross and pray hard for my team. I must admit, initially we're a little sceptical too because the brief was a pretty tough one. The brand sells by itself, but this one... we've had reservations. But somehow, through the weeks of understanding and transformation, it just kinda grew on us and we became optimistic (and hopeful) that the product will be well-received.

Oh well. Stay with us. Pray with us ;)

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