Friday, December 4, 2009

I just realized it's Christmas.

This is the best part of the year yet I only realized it yesterday that Christmas is coming. It's so easy to be buried and realized that the year has come and gone and still be wondering, where have I been all these while. Been so busy lately with all these non-stop pitches and travelling. They aren't exactly the greatest combination but I like them, both. Only when they don't happen together. It's hard to stay focused while feeling disoriented but I guess it's a pretty neat way to train your mind to switch on and off efficiently because every minute counts. But yea, in an uncontrolled environment, it pretty much screws your mind too.

Anyway, after so many rounds of disagreements and fights, we finally kissed and made up. The direction is finally agreed upon for this upcoming pitch. Phew. Now we're finally seeing everything coming together. I really feel good this time for some strange reason. But maybe I shouldn't say that in case I jinx it ;) But I guess when in doubt, just focus on what matters. People. Create things which will make them laugh, make them cry, make them think, make them share. Then all shall fall into its due place.

I hate to say this, especially when I'm on the brink of falling sick due to all those late nights and I almost forgot what weekends are like. But I do think I've got a pretty darn cool job.

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