Saturday, December 26, 2009

Advertising: MILK turned sour.

It's Christmas, I don't want to be mean. But I think this is what happens when you get any Tom, Dick and Harry to design your 'marketing' campaign and website. It's 'strategy-less'.

I was browsing through this month's TimeOut and came across a teaser ad announcing the soon-opening new club called MILK. On the ad, it says: Sign-up now to become the first batch of MILK's exclusive V.I.P members and get invited to the glorious grand opening in Feb 2010. Limited spaces available! (no extra points for spotting spelling errors). That's quite a common call to action - I get it, you want database, you want my name. No problem. But what really irked me was this:

Fine print says: MILK is due to mesmerize in Jan 2010. Please check back soon.

Sign up? Where? Notice both the ad and the website are saying essentially saying the same thing? There's a cool club coming, so sit tight. Then why do you need both? It is a common tactic to have a supporting website for teasers, but they should be communicating different things no? Otherwise, you leave people like me, pissed. Cause I did as you told, I went online and all I got was a splash of milk that left a bad sour taste. Hmm.

Having said that, cool logo though. But substance yo, substance. Show me the calcium.

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