Monday, January 11, 2010

Dentsu: The other pitch result.

You know sometimes you worry if luck would run out. To compensate for the lack of many things we should have, our team and partners really went all out to put up a good fight with the competition. And today, the result prevailed. Thank you dear Client once again. We really wanted this business, not because it's dollars and cents to us, but because managing after-sales service in this industry is pertinent to sustaining the values which can never be fully experienced if the customer journey stops at purchase.

Soichiro Honda once said there are three Joys in Honda. The Joy of Creating, the Joy of Selling and the Joy of Buying. Today, we would like to think there's an addition of the 4th Joy. Which is the Joy of Ownership. (There's a 5th one actually. Taken by BMW. Ha ha). Anyway. Thank you team, thank you dear partners (for all the sh!t I gave you and you took it nevertheless just to tie loose ends and make this happen). Thank you.

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