Friday, January 29, 2010

Malaysia: Passport renewal process for Malaysians.

Okay what. My country quite canggih.

They should have allowed embedding from their YouTube site. It could have reached more Malaysians. Anyway, click to watch the new and improved efficiency of the Malaysian government. Recently, I've been hearing a lot about MyEG, which is pretty cool. I think that is the first of many steps in changing the work process in this country. I'm optimistic.

And while I was trying to 'ask' around online, I found this comprehensive snapshot of the passport renewal experience from Jessica's Blog, which says:

10:25 am - I found the Immigration Department easily after asking around. I spotted the KIOSK machines easily. A store was available for those who need their passport photos taken and also IC (Identity Card) to be photocopied. Each photocopied IC costs RM0.40.

10:30 am - There were 4 active KIOSK machines available. The instructions to renew the machine is very simple as follow:
1. Get an available envelope. Write down your name and Contact number on the envelope.
2. Get the requirements ready - Old Passport, RM300 for 32 pages, 1 Passport Photo, IC.
3. Proceed to the KIOSK machine.
4. Follow the instructions on the machine: It will require you to place the Old Passport, IC, Enter Contact Number and Insert the RM300. Finally, it will ask you to place the Old Passport, Photocopied IC and 1 Passport Photo into the envelope to be dropped into the KIOSK machine. Do not glue the envelope. Upon completion, you will receive a receipt that asked you to proceed to Level 2 to get a queuing number, 2 hours later.

10:45 am - 12:00 pm - There were many shops nearby to pass the time while waiting for the passport to be processed. I went to the Starbucks (think the air-cond was faulty) for a hot chocolate and read the Star newspaper. I brought the newspaper and a book by Sean Covey in case there is a long wait.

12:00 pm - Headed to the Level 2, Counter 16 for queue number.

12:40 pm - I managed to get the number, exactly 2 hours as mentioned on the receipt. Once I got the number, it took less than 20 minutes before my number was called.

1:00 pm - I received the new passport.

I am glad that the passport renewal process has been improved tremendously. It took me only 3 hours to get my new passport. The old passport was returned to me with a small triangle cut on its cover. I would recommend people to get their passports renewed at Pusat Bandar Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, using the KIOSK machine. Malaysia BOLEH! (CAN). Sparks - I think so too.

But if only it was consistent.

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