Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Malaysia: Bizarre soups!

I'm loving this book called 'Malaysia at Random'. Have you ever heard of these two soups before?

1) Gearbox soup - essentially a mixture of either cow or sheep bones boiled till almost disintegrated, so that you can suck the marrow out with a straw.

2) Torpedo soup - ahem, no prize for guessing which part of the bull is used as a vital ingredient in this spicy soup to increase your manhood's performance. It costs a whopping RM15 for a bowl yo!

Okay, I think I just lost my appetite. Photos from Simon Seow's blog. Stuff like that, you simply need another person to take up the challenge instead. According to his blog, it tastes... fine. After he downed a coupla beer that is. Take a look at his challenge - yea, you're supposed to gobble everything. As in, e.ve.ry.thing.

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