Friday, January 8, 2010

Malaysia: The true story of three churches burnt.

Headlines are crawling all over the web with regards to the minor bombing of the three churches in Malaysia, speculated to be a result of various groups' contention on using the word 'Allah' by non-Islamic religions.

This is a snippet of the news in the Star Online:

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the Government would not hesitate to use any means necessary, including the Internal Security Act, on anyone who threatens the security of the country. He also ensured the safety of everyone in Malaysia, including the minorities. Hishammuddin also said that the Inspector-General of Police has confirmed that three churches have been attacked. “We have also received a report that a church has been threatened. The police will monitor all churches in the country,” he said.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan earlier said police were investigating three cases of arson at churches in the Klang Valley early Friday morning. The three churches were the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati, the Assumption Church in Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, and the Life Chapel Church in Section 17, also in Petaling Jaya. "Police personnel would also patrol churches throughout the country, especially in the Klang Valley, to prevent any untoward incidents," he added on Friday.

*** end of snippet ***

Dear peoples, online friends and families of this world, if you are reading this,

There is nothing to be alarmed about in the above situation. Not that we don't care neither is it because we're cynical. It's because we have to understand that for Good (and God) to be amongst us, there have to be something called Evil or Harm. The arsonists who did the unspeakable will be sought by the police and Justice will take them into her hands. And should they slip through the imminent cracks when Justice blinks, then God (whether you call him Allah or not) will make the final judgement. Yes, we have to protect the churches because these are holy grounds where one searches for God to ease his troubling soul. Why then, trouble this already troubled soul? Why pick on the weak who amidst the havoc of today's society, searches for sanctuary in churches, mosques and temples? Shame on you, arsonists whose hands are now charred worse than the church's wall due to your own irresponsible actions.

But still. Again, we would like to emphasize that there is nothing to be alarmed. Nothing so much for you to panic and strike your enemy (perceived) and perish in a downward spiral that benefits no one. Not you, not him, not her, not they, not us, not your neighbours, and not your children. In the midst of such chaos, only clarity becomes our weapon. Please. Do come for your holiday, we're not the maniacs running amok on headlines. We're who you used to know and read about. We'll try our best to protect you like how we would with our friends and with our own true blood. We're the Malaysians you read about in Truly Asia campaigns (the oversized coconut might be a fake but we're not). We're the Malaysians who laugh ourselves silly at our stupid governmental mistakes. We're the ones who take the government controlled papers with a pinch of salt. We're the ones who wish for the release of our innocent politicians who got caught over the sillest matters to avoid traffic jams. We're the Malaysians who're still learning and coping with sustainability issues but kinda figure that our country is beautiful. We're the Malaysians who speak multiple languages and don't think it's wrong to jumble them up. We're the Malaysians who don't just mix our blood sometimes, we mix our tea with coffee with Milo with milk as well. Well, we're just Malaysians.

And to those of you who are Malaysians. Stay united in the face of adversity. Those who try to break us are not one of us. That's all you need to know. And don't pass the alarm to someone else. Tell them very calmly, it's okay. And then turn the other cheek.


  1. agreed.
    if the arsonist(s) is(are) muslim(s), then i'm ashamed and feel sorry about that.
    if the arsonist(s) is(are) non-muslim(s), then him/her/they is not one of us.

  2. God resides in our hearts. A true martyr is one who gives up his/her life to protect the righteousness of God. Not by attacking others to 'prove' the existence of his/her God.

  3. i'm quite confused as to what caliphkaai's comment meant when he says "if the arsonist(s) is(are) non-muslim(s), then him/her/they is not one of us." anyways, this unfortunate incident is a reverberation - let it pass through us without a flinch. we shall not lose our composure from petty vandals.

  4. In the past there were churches vandalised by people who just do like Christianity.

    This week. The works of some hooligans. Ended with 1 church got burned and others with some burn marked. Just unfortunate that was spark-offed by the court decision concerning the "A" word.

  5. a resolve between the 2 "institution" internally away from the media would've been sufficient considering how "sensitive" our country is towards multi "culture-racial-religious" this country is. alas.

  6. The usage of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslim was passed and approved by the Malaysian Court. If THAT is not called legal, then... there is a bigger problem than just church burning and multicultural issues. It really means that nobody respects the country's judicial system. That just opens another can of worms... How can we pick and choose what we want to accept and don't? Then what's the point of passing laws?

    Christians, as in those who are true followers of Christ will know better than to retaliate and take matters into their own hands. Following persecution, true followers of Christ will persevere, forgive, turn the other cheek, walk another mile and carry the cross.