Sunday, January 10, 2010

Know your GTi: Comes with its own bottle opener?

I've got the car for 6 months now and I've been reading the manual from cover to cover. And, to my surprise I realized that the Mk 5 should come with a bottle opener. I'm only guessing that it looks like the above. Why am I guessing, you say? Because it's not in my car (!!!).

Itulah akibatnya membeli kereta dari dealer-dealer yang bogus (that's the consequences of purchasing from bogus dealers). Which in my case is VW Cars, which at that point was still one of the authorized dealers of VW Group Malaysia (not anymore now). Well, I'm definitely writing a love letter to VGM cause... the bottle opener looks kinda nice and I want it back. As with many other manufacturers, these kind of complains usually get sweep under the carpet and they push the blame to one another. Well, let see what happens this time. Cause I really want my bottle opener (!!!).

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