Friday, March 19, 2010

Alert! Golf GTi Mk5 08 and 09 version - DSG gear box problem!

Hello fellow GTi owners,

A distant friend shared some news today. Apparently there is a problem with the GTi's DSG gearbox ratio from upshift 1-3 and vice versa. Before learning about this, I've experienced slight 'jerks' on auto mode from stationary to initial pick up and at low speed. I've thought it weird before but never gave too much thought to it. But after hearing from my friend's friend and confirming it with the dealer who also advised me to send the vehicle back for check, yes I do think it is not normal for the DSG to react this way. When it's on manual mode, it doesn't have any problem at all since the gear shifts are done manually. I'm just guessing there's a problem with the gear ratio that's causing the jerks. Hmm.

Anyway, do send your precious for check up and change if it's still under warranty. Otherwise, you burn a RM5,000 hole in your pocket. Ouch.

By the way, for VW vehicles manufactured in 08 onwards, the warranty period can now be extended for an additional 3 years, bringing it to a total of 5. All you have to do is to send your vehicle for inspection which will cause you approximately RM300-400 and the additional warranty is RM2910. It's highly recommended that you do so because it'll definitely affect your after-sales value, as well as safe guarding yourself from 'manufacturer's fault' as per the current DSG issue.

I'm surprised that VGM did not issue any statement nor notice to the owners. Do they even know? Hmm. A friend told me by chance and I immediately alerted another fellow owner and I'm sure he's posting the notice somewhere since he's apt in digital business. I've had a first-hand experience on the 'receiving end' recently and trust me, when shit happens like that, it's no fun being at either end. I guess it will help if everyone is just more careful, helpful and respectful of one another.

So. Wait no further! Visit your service centre immediately if you love your GTi!

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