Thursday, March 4, 2010

Automotive: Proton's concept to debut in Geneva in March (finally, Proton. Finally).

Designed outsourced to Italdesign Giugiaro who did a number of projects for various famed automakers as well. Well, finally this looks something... conceptual but at the same time very sellable, very real. It looks nice obviously because you can trust the Italians to know what they are doing. My only reservation is the design shape of such vehicle is quite 'tired'. On first glance, it already immediately draws out significance silhouette resemblance to MyVi (or credit to Dahaitsu Boon). On second glance (while you're at Geneva), watch out for Kia's No.3 new MPV concept (pic below).
Before we jump into innovation, we first got to make sure the foundation is right. Looking at Proton's direction, I hope they're serious. And stop wasting tax payers' money to engage fancy Italian designers for big motorshows without any follow through. Let's bring these wonderful ideas to the market, be creative with strategies, keep cost fair and low without attempting to cut any corners. Forget about building your brand. When you build good products, it'll come. And more importantly, it will stay.

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