Monday, March 1, 2010

Social media: Honda City Weekend Escapade blog.

No more mall-crawling weekends! Go out, explore, discover and rediscover Malaysia! Time to get together with buddies or embrace solitude, Honda City Weekend Escapade blog provides a weekend idea, every week that will exhaust you ;) If you know of a new place or a new old place, do place your comments and direct them to research more.
I don't think it's sufficient to just stuff people's face with information. A brand should always carry some value and more so in these times of accountability, the value needs to be tangible. Honda has always strived to be a company which society wants to exist. Motherhood statement and corporate talk aside, being a team player in the society means everyone needs to contribute. I think this is one value which Malaysians would appreciate. If you're interested to know more about 'travelling' in Malaysia especially to off-the-beaten tracks (say no to touristy unsustainable destinations!), then hit the RSS button. OR follow @HondaMY on Twitter. It'll sound an alert periodically whenever there's a new update, who knows, it may be just the right weekend solution to quell the boredom!

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