Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Malaysia: Perhaps we're not as 'conservative' as we thought we are?

It doesn't get any clearer than catchcheatingspouse.my. You don't even have to click on their website to understand what they do. Talk about single-mindedness. This is spot on :)

I stumbled upon this site by chance and am amazed by the range of 'intelligence' services offered by a 100% Malaysian company called MVD International Sdn Bhd. What piqued my interest is, of all services offered, why this domain name? Following are their list of services:

Corporate & Economic Crime Investigation
White Collar Crime Investigation
Background Investigation
Fraud Investigation
Intellectual Property Infringement/Fraud Investigation
Corporate Security Investigation
Business Intelligence and Integrity Due Diligence
Pre & Post Employment Screening
Assets Searching & Skip Tracing
Money Laundering
Medicaid Fraud Investigation
Insurance Fraud Investigation
Commercial Mortgage Fraud Investigation
Occupational Fraud Investigation
Contract & Procurement Fraud Investigation
Predatory Fraud Investigation
Inventory Fraud Investigation
Contractors/Bidders Verification/Investigation
Forensic Accounting
Risk Consulting & Management
Summon/Process Server
Matrimonial Investigation
Surveillance Investigation
Tracing Illicit Fund/Asset
Tracing of Stolen Vehicle (This one is so applicable to us! Bookmark the site!)

Interesting isn't it? If spouse catching is their cash cow, doesn't that tell us something about our dear Malaysian society? No one denies the growing cases of divorce in this country (which I'm quite sure simply follows a global trend) - a natural trend perhaps. But the insight I guess lies in the reason couples are divorcing. From 20s to 40s. The infamous period of the internet generation X and Y. There are so much gaps here, it'll be interesting to fill them up in order to investigate the social change we're experiencing.

Oh by the way, if you're interested, knock yourself out:

I didn't know you have ISO for this sort of thing...

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