Friday, March 5, 2010

Why buffet is an insult to Japanese food.

No one can dispute the Japanese attention to details. It's a land of craftsmanship. From traditional wood craft to electronic design and everything in between. Having a buffet spread is like shaving off the eyebrows of the sushi masters still living the art of precise slicing. There is no craft to buffet. The way we grab and chow down the artless variety of foods is certainly not very Zen. Japanese food is half presentation and half appreciation and having a buffet spread that does neither feels like you're just prostituting it.

I'm never one picky about my next meal. By choice, I would never step into a Japanese buffet restaurant nor one of those conveyor belt sushi place. But of course if my hungry company prefers, then I wouldn't say no too. But I'll probably consume with great difficulty. To my conscience that is.

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