Wednesday, March 24, 2010

W+K 12: So inspirational.

This is what the new generation agency should look (act) like:


W+K 12 - Season 7

News from Portland:

'Hello, this is W+K 12.
Year 6 is winding down. We are well past our halfway point and we are fast realising that there is little time left to tell our stories through sport, journalism, craft, curation, film, spirit, music, photography, design, digital, type and fabrication.

We are excited to see another class walk through the giant metal doors adorning W+K Portland - the best class yet...

We are looking for all manner of makers, thinkers and doers. We want people who want to bring ideas to life. We want problem solvers and trouble-makers.

Send heroes, inspirations and wildly curious parties to: and we'll take care of the rest.'

W+K12 is a school. The 12 students work on self-designed, self-guided projects under a Creative Director and business leader.

W+K12 is a mini-agency. The 12 designers, writers and strategic thinkers collaborate on client projects under the guidance of a creative director and business partner.

W+K 12 is an experiment. W+K 12 will discover ways to create together. We will serve as a laboratory for the advertising industry's best practices and newest thinking. We will help figure out what's next and practice work on existing W+K clients and new clients.

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