Sunday, March 7, 2010

Losing one's national language.

If I were to say that in one hundred years time, languages which do not use roman letters, nor Chinese characters nor Japanese nor perhaps Korean nor perhaps Arabic, will just disappear. Then would you, whichever country you're from do something now? If the web is driving the revolution and content is driving the growth and the languages available are only the dominant ones, will one day, Hindi like Sanskrit, disappears? Or Russian? Or Thai? If fast forward one hundred years from now, where the written language is all digitized and the world becomes truly borderless consolidating cultures and peoples from all over the world by only a few surviving languages, what will we do? Hmm.


  1. evolution says one day we might communicate by brain waves.....still need words/text to do that ar? maybe I go update firmware first...

  2. Well, that's a pretty cool idea but I'm not sure if we'll be that advanced UNLESS we've been tampered. Which means, we're half robots. I still prefer the human touch and the human craft which in this case, calls 'language' :)