Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video: This kind of videos make BMW viral.

I've been studying YouTube videos for awhile now to segregate those which become viral and those which do not. One of the key features of a video which will make it 'big' is being 'impressive'. Impressive here is defined very closely to world-record-breaking-equivalent stuff. Stuff which the people in the video can do and you cannot. Or stuff which the people in the video discovered and you didn't. A lot of brands when they put out a video, more often than not it's too commercial like and it doesn't get grabbed and shared. People may watch it for entertainment value but it's not cool, it doesn't make you want to tell your friends because it doesn't make you look cool. Watch the new video created by BMW on their BMW S1000 RR. It's serious stuff that makes people go... wow. So what if it's not homemade?

I think it's cool, so I'm sharing.

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