Monday, July 20, 2009

Itchy butt.

In an attempt to scour for new things to do these days, I came across this:

And I'm telling you. I'm very tempted. It's not that I have death wish or something (with an inclusive insurance package of RM100,000, I'm sure it's pretty safe :S). Or going through some life crisis but piloting a plane has always been something which I know I must do before I die (or jump out from one). And when better than now, the need to furnish more content on the other blog.

Something I read in there, really tickled me. It says:

Dress Code:
- Trousers, long jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses (Sleeveless, singlet, mini skirt, hot pants and heels are strictly not allowed)

They must have had experience with something like that (or close) to actually put that in the clause. That makes me think. What are the social norms which we all take for granted that 'go without saying' and when do we need to be so specific with the dos and don'ts? For someone to be able to fork out a hefty amount for this one-day piloting thrill, must really have sufficient common sense for appropriate dressing, no? But that's purely my assumption, I could be judgmental. But can you prove me wrong? By just one sentence, doesn't it give you some kind of image on who actually goes for these things? And brought by who? And why? You don't have to answer that here. And I'm not saying whether your images are right or wrong, good or bad. I guess the next question is, why do we so automatically compartmentalize images based on these cues. Is it nature? Or nurture? Hmm.

Nevertheless. I'm seriously considering this. Any takers?

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