Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Android with HTC.

Saw HTC's booth in Mid Valley showcasing their touchscreen handsets and well, well, what do you know. Android. Google's OS for mobile phones (hello iPhone).

Incidentally, I've had a go on the prototype last week. And what amazed me was 'Social Network' is officially part of the 'Phone Setting'. O. K.

So what does that mean? That means that we are inching towards this convergence of the offline-online world. The post on 'digital identities in reality' is becoming more and more. Well, real. On Android, if you save someone's mobile number, you'll be able to search for that person in all his or her social networks! So, if I profile you as Bob. I can add Bob's Facebook (watch his status update), Twitter (what's he tweeting), Flickr, etc and be truly wired with Bob's world. Another thing that was really cool was the Geo-tagging of the photos which you'll be snapping away in your brand new HTC. By utilizing GPS, Google will locate your EXACT geographical position (with numbers and all) and memorizes the photo you took at that place. You can either save it as your 'footprint' - in case you forget where you've been or you wanna keep track of your journey. OR. You can immediately synchronize your phone with your Google Latitude account to let your friends know where you are. Neat huh. Travel blogging has never been easier.

I think the first thing that comes to people's mind is the issue of 'privacy'. Hmm but hey. If you're updating your status on Facebook on your complicated relationship, why do you care about privacy anyway? I would like to think that people (again, collectively) are good. Therefore, it's probably an even more efficient and immediate form for them to keep in touch with their friends and communities 24-7, ironically, without exactly commiting any formal communication at all.

That really made me think. How many times, did you update your personal Twitter. Not only because you have something on your mind that you truly want everyone to know. But the tweet is indirectly directed at someone in your followers list without 'formally establishing any form of serious communication' with that person at all? You've got a point to make but you don't want to be seen as making that point. Hmm. It's pretty much like you're saying something, but you're saying nothing. It's strange how the human mind works. Making a decision out of indecisiveness.

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