Friday, July 17, 2009

Workforce 2.0.

It's about time for a new social research. Whilst I've been toying with some ideas on what to discover next, I came across a web article on personal branding. That really sparked some thought in me. How has social media affected the way we work? Our motivation, our career planning, our priorities in both personal and work life, our gratification by employer and by self. How have all of that change since we've been living a life so wired to knowledge, information and other people which without them, we're like frogs living underneath the coconut shell?

I think that's something to be explored and discovered there. Who knows. It may change corporate strategies when it comes to human resource and talent management. Everyone is looking for economic growth. Why only focus on dollars and cents when we should also be placing strong emphasis on human capital? Which in the long run, will bring in the dough anyway? Hmm. Opinions welcomed.

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