Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Man is forever searching.

How are social networks evolving to become search engines of their own right?

YouTube --> Search for videos
Facebook --> Search for people
Twitter --> Search for trends
MySpace --> Search for talents
Wikipedia --> Search for knowledge

Shows why Google in a few years time may not be the default search engine as users are getting more and more targeted and specific with not only the content but the format it comes in. This is one example of human intelligence (collectively) evolves at a much faster rate than one creator's technology. Freakily, this reminds me of the ouija board. You know the stuff meddlesome people play with to invite 'spirits' into the living dimension? I'm not saying that it works, but I'm imagining this whole 2.0 thing as this 'force' of collective intelligence directing the mass to where the next big thing is, without the mass actually knowing that they are the collective intelligence (see the paradox?!). Neat huh.

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