Monday, July 13, 2009

Know your GTi #2.

Once you have refuelled full tank, press the up arrow button (refer to right yellow circle below) on your multi-function steering wheel till you see the 'range in km' on the combi-instrument display (refer to left yellow circle). It is basically calculated from the your fuel tank content versus current fuel consumption. This is so you know how far more your vehicle can go before needing to refuel again. I think this is a standard feature in most Vdub vehicles, but then again, I'm not 100% sure.

Useful level: 10/10 - This is because 1)It tells me on a full tank, how far my vehicle can go. The Golf GTi states 570km on a full 55l engine, which is about 10.4km/l (obviously you can't beat the Japs on fuel consumption but hey, you've got to look at the ROF (Return on Fun) instead, you know). On the long run, I'm able to gauge my vehicle's fuel consumption behavior as well as my own driving habit. When the numbers start to fall, then I know I have to be niceR on the road. And 2)After two times of nearly stalling on the North-South highway for over-gauging my vehicle's ability to 'drag on for a few more kilometres' before refuelling at the next petrol station, this obviously comes super handy.

We'll have more GTi tips and insider's knowledge from time to time. Follow us to get wired ;)

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