Thursday, July 23, 2009

Know your GTi #6.

The GTi unlike many other cars, only have ONE reverse light which is on the left side (found out from my greatest embarassment which I won't divulge here). So, what happened to the right buttock? It's the FOG light. I was also trying to figure out, how to turn on the fog light, and you can do so by pulling out the dial (as shown on top) and turn it towards the 'headlamp' sign. If you don't pull it out, you'll not be able to turn on the fog lights (front and back). A lot of people thought fog lights are a waste of material in Malaysia (haze yea, but fog?), but I beg to differ. I think these fog lights are great for days raining cats and dogs, bulls and frogs. You see, a lot of drivers turn on their hazard lights during heavy downpours (which you really shouldn't do), just so to 'increase visibility' for vehicles at the back. But hey, with a fog light like this:
He must be blind not to see you a mile a way. (And if that's the case, what on earth is he doing behind wheels?!).

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