Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Know your GTi #3.

This isn't a unique feature to the GTi as I think it's standard for ALL vehicles (last I checked).
In the midst of our daily business, we forget things. So the next time you drive into the gas station to refuel and you forgot which side your fuel tank flap is on, look at the petrol icon shown on your meter (refer to green square above). The triangle pointing either direction from the side of the icon shows you which side the flap is on. A lot of people don't know that (!), so they end up driving into the wrong side and drag the hose all the way to the other side, over their vehicle, to fill up. DON'T DO THAT. You don't want any unnecessary showers, do you? Especially not this kind.

After speaking with a few car enthusiasts and day-to-day drivers, we think this is the discovery of the millennium. Really.

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