Friday, July 10, 2009

A whole new dimension of Safety Technology.

While we were busy on crash test and G-force control and minimizing pedestrian injury and what not, look what Mercedes-Benz has been doing? It really tells us something about our times, doesn't it?
I mean bullets, yea, that's the norm. But hand grenades?


  1. i wont be driving a merc in any war zone anytime soon. but good to know that i have good amour anytime.

    gives new definition to "its there when you need it" or "i dont need it, but its good to know i have it." much like owning a car that goes beyond 180Kph in the city, whichever eh.

  2. It means that only the rich is protected? Ha ha ha. Poor souls like us just duck for safety :P

  3. isnt that the way of the world? sometimes...