Saturday, July 11, 2009

Knowledge seekers - Gaya Travel Nusantara.

We're always plowing for good reads so we'll be featuring what we like on the magazine rack and what we will pass, here. So that you spend your 10 bucks wisely or waste it on something else.

Gaya Travel Nusantara is a travel magazine which also has a corresponding website. It's got a frequent collaboration with the tourism ministry, featuring their version of group travels called 'Kembara ZOOM!' (for those of you who don't know, ZOOM! is the promotional name for Malaysia's domestic tourism. Why ZOOM!? Without realizing it, the question mark after the exclamation is really quite apt here. Why!? Hmm. But that's a different debate altogether). Anyway, the magazine features main local tourism spots, interviews with tourism personnel, some information and knowledge on our local culture and heritage, some foreign travel attractions from our neighbours and recommendations of hotels. And this is our take:

Unique content: 6/10 - Features somethings which we never knew about our country. That could be partially due to our ignorance anyway.

Interesting content: 5/10 - Although we self-admit to be an ignorant bunch of doofus who don't know much about the heritage of 'Joget Pahang' but it doesn't mean that we're dying to find out either. But then again, I always think that content is a just another form of message. And every message has got an audience. It's just not what you say, but how you say it.

Content presentation: 4/10 - Horrendous but... Can close one eye... With great difficulty. One of the feature articles was hilarious. The entire two-page article was missing its 'i's. Although t wasn't d ff cult to read w thout the ' 's cause you can pretty much guess what the word s, but st ll, we've never seen such a publ cat on that challenges aud ence n such creat ve manner. Travel photos are key visuals in inspiring people to move, unfortunately, not so for Gaya Travel :/

Price: RM8.90 - Suggest you go buy a travel eye-mask from Watson instead.

We're not bashing. We just want things better.

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