Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Accord 2.0 VTi-L: The Perfectionist media launch.

Today, we were at 'The Perfectionist' media launch held in One Utama Highstreet, rubbing shoulders with 6 acquired individuals whose ambitions and fail-proof spirits were captured through a showcase of fine art photography. The white Accord certainly has a certain sporty elegance to it (not that we're being biased or otherwise).
One of the questions posted by media was, "What was the meaning behind this 'Perfectionist' campaign and what has it got to do with the new Accord variant?". Aptly asked. And aptly replied by Go Suzuki, Assistant MD of Honda Malaysia - that it was about leveraging on the essence of Accord. A car driven to drive. Not just in the physical world but also the unseen world, which is your personal journey in achieving your goal and ambition. I think what HMSB is doing here is not just associating the Accord with a certain maxim. But also to understand the psychology of their customer base.

Essentially, as drivers become more mature in life, they also become more refined. Because of various social and psychological reasons and it's simply part of life. Gone are the days where a vehicle is something you ride on to get from point A to point B. As looney as it sounds, a car does carry more than 4 wheels with doors and seats and a steering wheel. A car today, is an extension of the driver. Who you are and who you want to be projected as, is as important as finding a car that does all the practical work. Of getting you around. Accord is a special brand in Honda's stable that projects itself as a true chaser of dreams. And I don't know anyone who, when it comes to their ambition, goal or focus or whatever you want to call it, isn't a perfectionist. Accord is not for those with stature. You want to show off, you get a 7-series. Accord is for those who never stop chasing their dream until it is perfected on terms defined by themselves. Never terms defined by others. So there. Faisal from Autocar Asean - I hope that answers your question ;)

The spirited essence of Accord captured.

Also, today was the sad announcement of the moving-on of Azman Idris, COO of HMSB for 15 months. Apparently, he will be embarking on a bigger role with DRB Hicom. Chevrolet perhaps? :)

Oh. And if you need the price or detailed specs, then click!

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