Friday, June 26, 2009

Augmented reality and social shopping.

Brings us to the fundamental question. Attire shopping for decades have been a physical experience, can augmented reality really pull off? Purchasing something, as we know, is not just a transaction of money. But the entire experience of being able to talk to someone, feel the fabric on your skin, be inspired by the surroundings (which is why designer brands' window displays look more like an art gallery), smelling the new fabric and being cajoled by the subliminal in-store music and messages. With the introduction of technology, what can replace these fundamentals and what can't? And how important even are all these 'senses' in our shopping experience?

Reminds me of couple of years back where the whole hoo hah of Second Life and the MTV Hills/Laguna Beach virtual community. But where is it now?

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