Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Team City OTT and convoy.

Couple of things which puzzle me (in a good way) about car clubs. What drives them (no intention of punning here)? Met up with the Team City club recently for their official meet-up and I'm amazed by the zest they possess when it comes to their club. Whether or not your City is modded (heck, whether or not you drive a City!), they're warm and welcoming towards anyone who's up for casual socialising, talk cars (obviously) or just drive in a beeline (which after some distance, you're allowed to ahem, 'explore' your potential ;) So we went up to Genting Highlands at about 12am, reached there in an hour, which is considered really good time since it was a 12-car convoy from Aman Suria. All necessary safety precautions were taken, complete with marshalls and all (seem pretty professional to me) till hitting a certain base where the 'See you up there' mode takes over. It was my first time. Driving alone to Genting. Midnight. With 11 other cars. In a City. With strangers whom I just met. It was really quite an excitement in the City. But hey, thanks TC for accommodating me.

*Photos from Team City

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